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Why Choose Alternative Answers?

If your board currently has a tip line answered by your local Police Department, uses some other answering service or is thinking of implementing a TIP line, we would like to introduce Alternative Answers to you.

Alternative Answers provides complete anonymity and since our call centers are in a different geographical region, your tipsters will not be recognized by a local call taker. With tri-lingual (English, French, Spanish) staff, as well as translation services for over 170 languages, your tipsters can confidently converse with us in their language of choice.

Our focused training in call-control and etiquette reveals an important key to our business: the staff. Highly trained and empathetic, they get the information for you! Reports are available on-demand or they can be automatically sent on a scheduled basis.

Crime Stoppers is moving to become an internationally recognized brand. Multiple countries support the number (800) 222-8477 also shown as (800) 222-TIPS In today's day and age tipsters may watch internet TV, Satellite TV, news casts from different areas etc. If they watch the news from one area and they are in another area we all want them to call and leave a Tip no matter where they are. If all programs use (800) 222-TIPS the tip taking process will be easier for the Call Takers and the Tipster. Collectively we will receive more tips and have a safer community.

An analogy in the US is the number used to call for Emergency services. In the old days there were a variety of different numbers and a mixture of ten digit and toll free numbers etc. Now it is pretty much universal. If you need help, you call 911 no matter where you are.

The USA Crime Stoppers association and the Canadian association support a single number and are looking to move to this same type of international recognition. If you want to report a crime no matter where you are call (800) 222-TIPS!

The Federal government is considering the concept of providing increased funding assistance to the Crime Stoppers programs. One of their requirements is an international number.

There is the possibility of a TV show much like America's Most Wanted in the works. They can't say call this number in New York, this number in LA, and this number in Springfield, etc. If the show happens they need a national number to display at the end of the show.

Alternative Answers sister company Northern Communications recognises the difficulty in transitioning to a national number. If your board has been using a different number for years then there will be notifications, documents, billboards up, pens and coffee cups etc. in your community advertising your existing number. Northern in working with the national Crime Stopper office has a transition program in place. If you start to use the national number (your cost only $9.95 plus usage) then Northern will port your existing number and provide the number to you for a year at no cost.

If we all support the Crime Stoppers brand and use the national number more TIPS will be received, more crimes will be solved and your community will be a safer place. Click here to make an inquire on the transition plan. (Send to

We can't afford any outage and have created a high availability redundant telephone system that is backed up in multiple ways. We have battery back up systems and an auto start electrical generator. Should our system fail, we have a backup. Should we have a major problem in our area we have a complete back up system in a geographically separate city to cover off in the event of a major weather event, a hazmat experience our primary site being burned or flooded. Your calls are important and we will continue to serve you.

Any calls that our Call Takers handle are kept confidential. If we receive a call with Caller ID the system is programmed to delete that and shred it so that it is not retrievable and never displayed. We never record the audio of the Tip calls to avoid the possibility that someone may recognize a Tipster's voice. Tips are created in such a way that the caller's identity is never at risk. We say "the caller" rather than "he said" or "she said" to further hide the identity of the caller.

We know how tough it is to raise funds for your Crime Stopper program. We have developed the Ethics Line where we share the revenue with your program. You find someone (business owner/manager) who might be interested in an Ethics line, Whistle Blower Line or Snitch line. (They are called many things.) You send us the contact info. You don't do any sales, we do it all! We communicate with them and when we sign them up as a client, you get paid a portion of the revenue every month as long as they remain a client. We raise money for you!

In addition to the Ethics line, many Crime Stoppers programs are very creative in their fundraising efforts.
Some interesting ideas below. Yes with a lot of volunteer commitment you can raise a lot of money!

  • A tour of a large facility in your community.
    • Might be a Winery tour, might be a Manufacturing plant tour, maybe a mine, a shipping distribution facility, could be anything.
    • People in your community and the surrounding area really are interested.
  • Silent auctions often get the items donated and raise a bunch of cash.
    • Cool ideas for items to get donated. People will buy this!
      • Spend a day in jail. (Or pay to put someone else in jail for the day).
      • Spend a day with the chief.
      • Spend a day with the SWAT team in training.
      • Do an evening ride along with some officers.
      • Security system install or monitoring for a year.
      • Trip exchange between Crime Stoppers locations.
        • You may not think your place is interesting but others may want to visit.
        • Or get some other program to host a visit and you just raffle the trip
  • Donate your old car for a tax receipt.
  • 50/50 draws.
  • Chili cook off.
  • Raffle for a Harley Davidson motorcycle (or fishing boat or quad or car, or romantic getaway or. . . .)
  • One program hosted a Murder Mystery at the local Zoo and charged tickets to participate.
    It sold out!
    • Branded as "Zoo Dun it?"
    • Sherriff signs them in.
    • Fake Detective badges were issued to the participants.
    • A fake 911 call started the evening. Take notes!
    • Ended at a facility where they had a cash bar, 50/50 draw and a silent auction.
    • They raised a lot of cash!

Alternative Answers subscribes to a simultaneous translation service which enables them to communicate to Tipsters in over 170 languages.

When receiving a call, the call taker quickly determines if it is in a language Alternative Answers can handle internally. If not, the call taker immediately calls the translation service, enters a passcode and is connected instantaneously to a translator.

The call is now a three-part conference between the call taker, tipster and translator. With the translators assistance, the call taker can respond to the tipsters needs in their preferred language.

A feature produced by WDIV Detroit focusing on Alternative Answers and Crimestoppers.

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